BetsyBlueDragon -- Sustainable Art: feel the URGE! Upcycle, Recycle, Glean, Enjoy!

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  May 16, 2015
  Damascus Rec Center

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I enjoy making art and costumes out of materials at hand. I started with a stash of crafting supplies I had stored since my college days (beads and paints) and expanded my media to include upcycled, recycled, and gleaned materials.

  • Upcycle: taking everyday materials (usually clothing items) and using them for a fancier purpose.Some of my favorites are neckties and nylon hosiery.

  • Recycle: taking would be trash items and repurposing them into art. Some of my favorites are plastic soda bottles and cereal boxes.

  • Glean: taking natural materials (collected from my yard) and using them to make "nature crowns" and sculptures. My favorites include pine needles, dried daylily stems, and pine cones.


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